There comes a point for many people when distress and confusion take hold and psychological help is needed. Sometimes the reasons for this seem all too apparent and sometimes they are quite baffling. It can be enormously helpful to talk things through with a professional person who is unconnected with your family and friends, to help you to begin to make sense of your situation and consider what is needed. That is what I offer.

I am a fully qualified psychotherapist with over 20 years of experience in the field. I work with individual adults and young people over the age of sixteen. I see people with a wide range of psychological difficulties including depression, anxiety, relationship problems, work related problems, life changes and bereavement.

During the first few sessions we will reach an understanding of the precise nature of the current problem. It is usually the case that when someone is unable to sort things out in their lives, traumatic relationships or events in the past are exerting a subtle disruptive effect which prevent them from behaving in more appropriate ways. Together we will work to understand the old patterns of self-protection which have turned into impediments to creating a satisfying and fulfilling life. Once these are identified, the work of developing new ways of relating to people and situations can begin.